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    by Kurt Meyer

    It was an accident, really, that dazzling splash of crimson light that appeared in David’s front room. If he were religious he might have called it a blessing. If he were superstitious he might have called it an omen. But as he was, a man firmly settled in the empirical world, he treasured it and regarded the mysterious effect as a glorious stroke of luck. He remembered that three prisms placed together make a lens. It must have had something to do with the focusing of light in some chance circumstance: optic serendipity. 

  • Second slide is The shoe Burning

    The Shoe Burnin'

    by 24 Contributors

    The first Shoe Burnin’ occurred on a cold winter’s night some years ago in Alabama; when the firewood ran out, a box of old shoes provided the assembled group of friends and artists with the fuel they needed to stock the hearth and share stories and songs late into the night. The bond forged that night began a tradition of fireside Shoe Burnin’s, and in remembrance, many stories and songs shared since have involved shoes — all the places they trod and the myriad experiences of those who wore them. The Shoe Burnin'; Stories of Southern Soul is a collection of those works.

  • The third slide is Waffle House Rules

    Waffle House Rules

    by Joe Formichella

    The “Last Best Class” of Fish River Community School had lost one of its members every year since the second grade. Waffle Houses were popping up throughout small-town Alabama with one corporate rule: "Good Food Fast." Struggling to cope with the tragedy that shadowed him most of his life, Dr. Jimmy Ryan dedicated himself to bringing people back from the brink, driven by his own guiding principle: "Ain't Dead Yet." Not until Jimmy's own death did the folks at the Waffle House in Penelope, Alabama, learn the full extent of the secrets buried with the dead — secrets resurrected over hot coffee refills at the Waffle House. 

  • The shoe Burning Story

    The Shoe Burnin' Story

    Hear the stories firsthand from the contributors

Featured Author

Kurt Meyer

Kurt Meyer is the father of four, resident of Noblesville and a lifelong Hoosier. He’s been a newspaper columnist, a Realtor specializing in marketing historic properties, a restorer of multiple Victorian-era homes and co-founder of an annual literary journal called the Polk Street Review.

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